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Dr Yingying Du has been engaged in interdisciplinary research in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in recent years. Her research focuses on the construction of well-designed biomaterials and scaffolds to promote the repair of osteochondral defect and large bone defect, mainly including bio-inspired multilayer osteochondral scaffold, 3D printed bone scaffold, bioenergetic-active biomaterials for large bone repair and so on. Based on these innovative studies, she has published some papers in international TOP academic journals such as Science Advances (IF=12.7, Cover highlight), Biomaterials (IF=10.27), and Chemical Reviews (IF=54.3, Cover highlight). She is the inventor of 3 authorized Chinese patents and the associate editor of an experimental textbook. She actively participated in important international academic conferences such as the World Biomaterials Conference and made oral presentations. In 2017, she was awarded the Young Scholar Award at the China Biomaterials Conference (Awarded by the Chinese Society of Biomaterials).