He was born and raised in Canton, mixing southern and northern tonesIn his speaking, after ten years of education in Beijing.He reads, denying illiteracy; He counts, posing as a student of science;Interested in fields of quite a span he works on subjects more than he can.With attention to skill and craft, he ponders and polishes devices in state-of-the-art,To peek into assembled atoms’ change along what possible path.With preference for reason and objectivity, he studies processes of dynamics,To think himself localized in the physics community.He seeks for reality and knowledge virtual, li... More>

Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

Supervisor of Master's Candidates



Department:Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics

Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)

Degree:Doctoral Degree in Science

Discipline:Condensed Matter Physics

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Educational Experience / Work Experience

2004.2 - 2009.1

 Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences |  Optics |  Postgraduate (Doctoral) |  Doctoral Degree in Science 

1998.9 - 2001.7

 Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences |  Optics |  Postgraduate (Master's Degree) |  Master's Degree in Science |  Now University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 

1994.9 - 1998.6

 Tsinghua University |  Physics |  Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) |  Bachelor's Degree in Science 

2015.6 - Now

华中科技大学 | 武汉光电国家研究中心 | 教授 | 在职

2009.2 - 2015.6

加州理工学院 | 化学与化学工程系 | 博士后 | 已离职

Paper Publications
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