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Lecturer (higher education)

Supervisor of Master's Candidates



Teacher College:School of Architecture and Urban Planning

School/Department:School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)

Degree:Doctoral Degree in Engineering

Alma Mater:Tsinghua University

Discipline: Urban and Rural Planning

Honors and Titles:
2019    Scholar of Chutian Honor in Hubei Province
2019    China Urban Planning Education Paper Award
2017    Jinjingchang China Outstanding Paper Award
2016    Postdoctoral Funding in Tsinghua University

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Born in 1989, Master's supervisor, National registered urban and rural planner, selected by Hubei Chutian scholar program, Postdoctoral student of school of Architecture, Tsinghua university, and Doctoral student jointly trained by Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Pennsylvania State University. Presided over by the NSFC, National postdoctoral science foundation of China, th...


· Education Experience

2016.9 ~ 2018.11
 Tsinghua University  -  Urban Planning and Design  -  2  -  Postgraduate (Postdoctoral) 
2013.9 ~ 2014.9
 Pennsylvania State University  -  Architecture  -  2  -  Completion of postgraduate studies  -  CSC Joint-Phd Candidate 
2011.9 ~ 2016.6
 Huazhong Unviersity of Science and Technology  -  Urban Planning and Design  -  2  -  Postgraduate (Doctoral)  -  Recommend PhD Candidate Directly 
2006.9 ~ 2011.6
 Huazhong University of Science and Technology  -  Urban Planning and Design  -  Bachelor's Degree  -  Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) 
2006.9 ~ 2011.6
 Huazhong University of Science and Technology  -  Architecture  -  Bachelor's Degree  -  Double Degree Programs (Undergraduate) 

· Work Experience

Tsinghua University  - School of Architecture - Assistant Researcher
Institute of China Sustainable Urbanization, Tsinghua University  - Researcher
Institute of Urban Governance and Sustainable Development, Tsinghua University  - Administration Director - Researcher
Z-park Sustainable Urbanization Big-data Technology Service Alliance  - Deputy Secretary-General

· Social Affiliations

Scholar of Chutian Honor, Hubei Province

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· Research Group

· Name of Research Group:Research on Urban Ec

Description of Research Group:Wisdom on architecture and urban planning college of urban and rural laboratory, virtual simulation laboratory, and future plans to set up the living environment of the whole process of laboratory, joint construction, planning and design of landscape, learn four subjects and teachers team, committed to multi-source data driven by the urban and rural planning and design method of research, including big data mining and analysis, based on GIS and multi-language support visual expression, the spatial characteristics of urban land development rights and economic value measure, based on a healthy living environment for feedback system design etc.