Lecturer (higher education)
Supervisor of Master's Candidates
Department:Cyber Science And Engineering
Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)
Degree:Doctoral Degree in Engineering
Discipline:Microelectronics and Solid-state ElectronicsNetwork Space Security

Lu Zhaojun

Lecturer (higher education)


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Alma Mater:华中科技大学

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鲁赵骏博士于2013年在华中科技大学电子科学与技术系获得工学学士学位,于2018年在华中科技大学光学与电子信息学院获得微电子学与固体电子学工学博士学位。2016年底至2018年底在美国马里兰大学屈钢教授实验室联合培养,2019年初至2020年7月在屈教授实验室做博士后。2020年12月至今在华中科技大学网络空间安全学院做讲师。2021年至今在DAC、NDSS、IEEE TC、IEEE TITS、IEEE TCASI、IEEE TVLSI、IEEE D&T、ASP-DAC等高水平会议和杂志发表论文10余篇,其中CCF A类论文5篇,高引2篇。现担任CCF容错专委执行委员。

Google引用链接: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=8390qaAAAAAJ


[1] Z Lu, W Yu, P Xu*, W Wang, J Zhang*, D Feng. An NTT/INTT Accelerator with Ultra-High Throughput and Area Efficiency for FHE[C]. DAC, 2024.

[2] Z Lu, H Qidiao, Q Chen, Z Liu, J Zhang. An FPGA-Compatible TRNG with Ultra-High Throughput and Energy Efficiency[C]. DAC, 2023.

[3] Z Lu, X Wang, T Arafin, H yang, J Zhang, G Qu. An RRAM-Based Computing-in-Memory Architecture and Its Application in Accelerating Transformer Inference[J]. IEEE TVLSI, 2024.

[4] W Jia, Z Lu*, R Yu, L Li, H Zhang, Z Liu, G Qu. Fooling Decision-Based Black-Box Automotive Vision Perception Systems in Physical World[J]. IEEE TITS, 2024.

[5]  Z Lu, Q Chen, P Xu, J Zhang, G Qu. A Cryptographic Hardware Engineering Course based on FPGA and Security Analysis Equipments[C]. GLSVLSI, 2024. 

[6] Z Li, Z Lu*, W Jia, R Yu, H Zhang, G Zhou, Z Liu, G Qu. Efficient Approximate Floating-Point Multiplier With Runtime Reconfigurable Frequency and Precision[J]. IEEE TCASII, 2024.

[7] W Jia, Z Lu*, H Zhang, Z Liu, J Wang, G Qu. Fooling the Eyes of Autonomous Vehicles: Robust Physical Adversarial Examples Against Traffic Sign Recognition Systems[C]. NDSS, 2022

[8] Y Pan, Z Lu*, H Zhang, H Zhang, MT Arafin, Z Liu, G Qu. HADLPT: Improving 3D NAND Flash Memory Reliability by Adaptive Lifetime Prediction Techniques[J]. IEEE TC, 2022.


Educational Experience
  • 2009.9 -- 2013.6
    华中科技大学电子科学与技术 , Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree)
  • 2013.9 -- 2018.12
    华中科技大学  , Doctoral Degree in Engineering , Postgraduate (Doctoral)
  • 2009.9 -- 2013.6
    华中科技大学 , Electronic Science And Technology  , Bachelor's degree , Undergraduate
  • 2013.9 -- 2018.11
    华中科技大学 , Microelectronics and Solid-state Electronics  , Doctoral Degree in Engineering , Postgraduate (Doctoral)
Work Experience
  • 2019.3 -- 2020.7
    美国马里兰大学帕克分校 , 电子与计算机工程系 , 博士后
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Research Group
Name of Research Group:密码与智能安全实验室
Description of Research Group:徐鹏老师领导,成员包括胡胜山、马晓静、梅松、王秀华、周满、张乾坤、鲁赵骏。致力于密码和AI安全的研究。