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Ph.D. in ArchitectureAssociate Professor, 1stclass Registered Architect of People’s Repubic of China . 2009.1-2010.01,Visiting scholar , University of Nottingham, UK.

My research interests are comprised of Green Buildings and built environment , Passive and ventilation cooling in public buildings. My teaching classes are Architectural Preliminaries, Architecture Design, Building Construction. As one of the principal researchers, I have participated multiple projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Educational Reform Foundation of Hubei Province, and have accomplished a sub-item of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. I have also directed a team of students involving into the National/University Innovation Plan.  With collaboration with others, I have been rewarded the Outstanding Teaching Award and the Outstanding Design Instruction Award that are recognized by the National Steering Committee of Architectural Education.  More than 10 academic papers have been published over the recent years.