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Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

Supervisor of Master's Candidates



Teacher College:School of Life Science and Technology

Department:School of Life Science and Technology

Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)

Degree:Doctoral Degree

Alma Mater:Institute of Hydrobiology, the Academy of Sinica

Discipline: Hydrobiology
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Academic Honor:
2007    Candidates of the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University by the Ministry of Education

2018    Leading scientists of major scientific research programs

2019    Central China scholars

2020    Province tu gong

Honors and Titles:
2022    国家重大工程项目专家组组长
2018    Chief scientist of national major strategic project
2007    New century excellent talents program of the Ministry of Education
2020    Young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Hubei Province
2009    Outstanding young talents program of Hubei province
2021    Fellow of International Association of Advanced Materials
2019    Distinguished post for Central China outstanding scholars
2003    The title of "advanced individual in anti-SARS" of the science and technology research group of the national SARS control headquarters
2007    Won the second prize of the "Chinese Society of Preventive Medicine Science and Technology Award" and the second prize of the "Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award" of the Ministry of health
2018    One achievement was selected to welcome the 19th National Congress of the "Five-Year Large Achievement Exhibition of Hard Work"
2021    首届湖北省高校教学创新大赛二等奖
2022    2022年指导本科生获国际iGEM竞赛全球金奖1项
2022    指导本科生在全国合成生物学竞赛—创新赛中获得金奖
2022    指导学生团队在第八届湖北省“互联网+”大学生创新创业大赛获红旅银奖
2021    指导iGEM团队获评“2021生物+国际青年科技作品展评大会”金奖(HUST-CHINA)
2012    Instructed undergraduates from 2012 to 2019 to win 4 global gold awards in the international iGEM and Biomed competitions and 3 global silver awards
2015    Zhanjiang city industry leading talents (Class B) program
2020    Won the "Nomination Award" in the concept and creativity category "Antifouling/Drag Reduction Technology Challenge" on the subject of biological materials and bionic materials
2019    Won the "My Favorite Project" and "Best Creative Project" awards at the 12th National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Annual Conference
2013    Second prize in the National "Challenge Cup" Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition for College Students
2018    Excellent Instructor of National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program
2017    Outstanding Teacher Award from Baosteel Corp. Education Foundation
2015    Second Prize of Hubei Province University Student Outstanding Scientific Research Achievement Award
2013    The first prize in the "Challenge Cup" competition for college students in Hubei Province
2015    Second Prize of Provincial Teaching Achievement in Hubei Provincial Colleges and Universities
2016    The leader of Hubei Province Excellent Courses/Excellent Shared Course "General Biology", and the university "General Biology" MOOC course
2016    An outstanding teacher of the university
2014    Responsible Professor of "General Biology" Excellent Course
2019    Responsible Professor of the Excellent General Public Elective Course "Life Science and Human Future"
2015    First Prize of School Teaching Quality
2016    A Special Prize for School Teaching Achievement
2021    获校教学成果二等奖
2016    Third Prize of School Teaching Achievement

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· Personal Profile

Dr. Yan Yunjun, from Luotian County, Hubei Province,P.R.China. In 1993, he graduated with honors from the Department of Biology, Central China Normal University, with a bachelor's degree, and in 1995, with a master's degree; in 1998, he graduated with honors from the Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences with a Ph.D.degree, and then entered Huazhong Science and Technolo...


· Education Experience

1995.9 ~ 1998.7
 Institute of Hydrobiology   Doctoral Degree  -  Postgraduate (Doctoral)  -  Institute of Hydrobiology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences 
1993.9 ~ 1995.6
 Huazhong Normal University   Postgraduate (Master's Degree) 
1989.9 ~ 1993.7
 Huazhong Normal University   Bachelor's degree  -  Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) 

· Work Experience

Huazhong University of Science and Technology  - College of Life Science and Technology - Full professor  - 在职
Key Lab of Molecular Biophysics of the Ministry of Education  - Deputy chief  - 在职
Rural and Social Department ( Social Department), the Ministry of Science and Technology  - Consulting scientist

· Social Affiliations

Guest Editor for Special Issue of Biomolecules
Editorial member of Synthetic Biology and Engineering
Fellow of International Association of Advanced Materials
Member in the Asian Council of Science Editors
Committee Member of BioE-2021 (the BioEnergy, Biofuels & Green Energy Summit), Singapore
Committee Member of REBE 2021
Editorial board member of Biomolecules
Member of Academic Bridge Review Expert Database of Talent Development Professional Committee of China Education Development Strategy Society
Member of the 6th Committee of the Enzymology Branch of the Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Member of the Scientific Committee of “First International Conference on Microbial Biotechnology in Construction Materials and Geotechnical Engineering (MBCMG2020)” (August 16-18, 2020, Nanjing, China)
Member of the Conference Technical Committee of 2019 International Conference on Materials Science, and Engineering (ICMSE2019)( Dec 26-28, 2019, Kyoto, Japan)
Assitant Director of Yangtze River Technical Economics Association
Member of Expert Committee of Industrial Enzyme Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance
Standing Committee Member of the Enzyme Engineering Professional Committee of Hubei Province and Wuhan Microbiological Society
Editorial Board Member of Progress in Energy & Fuels  
Member of the expert group for the preparation of "National Biotechnology Development Strategy Outline"
Associate Editor of Research Journal of Environmental Sciences
Editorial Board Member of Archives of Industrial Biotechnology
Editorial Board Member of Austin Biochemistry
Editorial Board Member of Insights in Enzyme Research
In charge of the undergraduate course "General Biology" of Hubei Province Excellent Resource Sharing
Consultant for the Science and Technology  of Jingmen Municipal People's Government
Editor Board Member of Journal of Applied Life Sciences International
Senior Member for American Society for Microbiology
Expert member of Wuhan Emergency Management Expert Advisory Committee
Senior member of American Chemical Society
Editorial Board Member of Biomed Research International
Editor Board for the Scientific World Journal
Assistant Director of Hubei Ocean and Limnology Society
Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, Ministry of Education

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· Research Group

· Name of Research Group:Research group of Bi

Description of Research Group:The Institute of Bioenergy and Ecology, belonging to School of Life Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, was established in 2003 and is headed by Professor Yunjun Yan. Since its establishment, it has successively established and improved research platforms for synthetic biology, lipase engineering, bioenergy and aquatic ecology. It has established a high-yield lipase strain library, established and perfected industrial enzyme gene cloning, efficient genetic engineering strain construction, and enzyme in vitro molecular evolution technology system. Important breakthroughs have been made in industrial enzyme gene cloning, high-efficiency expression, large-scale fermentation, new enzymatic biodiesel technology and industrialization demonstration, cell factories in emerging industries, bio-based materials, and bio-cement. At the same time, it has made internationally advanced technological achievements in the structural dynamics and mechanisms of freshwater ecosystems, biodiversity, productivity, ecological energetics, and biological control of Anopheles malaria. The Institute has undertaken and participated in more than 40 major national strategic projects, the National 863 Program, the National Key R & D Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and other provincial and ministerial projects. Published more than 200 SCI-indexed international journal papers, such as ACS Applied Materials & Interface, Metabolic Engineering, Chemical Engineering Journal, Environmental Science & Technology, Applied Energy, ACS Synthetic Biology, Biotechnology for Biofuels, Critical Reviews in Biotechnology, and applied for and authorized 20 national invention patents.

· Name of Research Group:Research team of syn

Description of Research Group:Synthetic biology is a biological research hotspot emerging in the early 21st century. It is a comprehensive discipline that achieves artificial design and construction of new biological systems with specific physiological functions on the basis of clarifying and simulating the basic laws of biosynthesis. It has broad application prospects, such as medicine, pharmacy, chemical industry, energy, materials, agriculture, and other fields. Bio-intelligence is the use of artificially modified microbial cells or enzyme proteins as catalysts for controllable chemical synthesis, or controllable conversion of biomass as raw materials to synthesize energy, chemicals and materials. The new model of the route has typical features, such as low-carbon cycle, green and clean. Biological intelligence is based on synthetic biology.
(1) Synthetic biology and cell factory
From DNA molecules, gene parts, gene regulatory networks and signal transduction pathways to the artificial design and synthesis of cells, the principles and methods of engineering are applied to the fields of biotechnology, such as genetic engineering and cell engineering to construct a "cell factory". Using microorganisms and other cells as a processing plant, using cell metabolism as the "production line", using enzymes as catalysts, computer-aided design of efficient and directional artificial metabolic circuits, and genetic engineering methods to achieve logistics energy flow adaptation. Strengthen the pathway of target metabolites, so as to construct cells such as microorganisms into an ideal product "manufacturing factory". The cell factory can replace non-renewable fossil resources with renewable biomass resources, replace chemical processing methods with cleaner production and processing methods, change the high-consumption, high-pollution, and low-efficiency production mode, and improve the level of traditional industries. It is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and Efficient and sustainable, it i...