Personal Information• Prof. Yuan-Chuan Zou• E-mail:,• Mobile phone: +86-13986221612• Publication: research interest is on the high energy astrophysics, while mainly concentrated on the gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). With collaborators, I mainly work on the dynamics and radiation mechanisms of the GRB prompt and afterglow emission. I am also interested in a larger area of physics, like numerical relativity, fundamental physics, atomic physics, quantum information theory etc... More>

Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

Supervisor of Master's Candidates



Department:School of Physics

Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)

Degree:Doctoral Degree

Discipline:Theoretical Physics

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Educational Experience / Work Experience

1997.9 - 2001.6

 华中科技大学 |  Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) 

2003.9 - 2006.6

 Nanjing University |  |--天文学 |  Postgraduate (Doctoral) |  2 

2001.9 - 2003.6

 Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, CAS |  Atomic and Molecular Physics |  Postgraduate |  3 

2007.7 - 2009.7

Hebrew University of Jerusalem | Department of Physics | Postdoc.

2006.6 - Now

Huazhong University of Science and Technology | School of Physics | Lecturer, Ass-Prof., Prof. 

Research Focus / Social Affiliations

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