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毕业院校:Institute of Physics (Beijing), CAS


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Prof. Yihua Gao  高义华教授

Laureate of the 16th Tsukuba Prize (30 Sept. 2005);

Inventor of Carbon Nanothermometer [Nature 415, 599 (2002)];

Professor both in School of Physics & 

Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics, 

Top-2 Level Professor in 

Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST); 

Luoyu Road 1037, Wuhan 430074, Hubei, P. R. China, 

TEL: +86-13628664697;


Email: gaoyihua@hust.edu.cn, gaoyhTEM@qq.com

华中科技大学 2级教授,

物理学院 & 武汉光电国家研究中心 双聘教授,

碳纳米温度计发明人 [Nature 415, 599(2002)],

第16届日本筑波杰出科学家奖获得者 (2005年9月30日),

邮箱: gaoyihua@hust.edu.cn; gaoyhTEM@qq.com,


湖北省 武汉市 洪山区 珞喻路1037号,  电话: +86-13628664697

Yihua Gao was born in Aug. 1969.  He entered into Hubei University as an undergraduate student when he was only 16 years' old (only 2'years studying in high school).  In 1998, he received his PhD degree of Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Next he became a special researcher of National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) of Japan. On 7 February 2002, Dr. Gao and Prof. Yoshio Bando reported the world's smallest thermometer─ carbon nanothermometer in Nature 415, 599. On 30 Sept. 2005, Dr. Gao received the 16th Tsukuba Prize together with Prof. Y. Bando and Dr. D. Golberg. Afterwards, this achievement was edited into the USA textbook “Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation” from the 5th edition to now─the 8th edition.  Now, he entered the TOP 100,000 Scientists in all research fields as No. 45279, Aug. 31, 2022. Web address: http://www.globalauthorid.com/WebPortal/EliteOrder). In March 2006, Dr. Gao accepted a professorship in Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST, Wuhan). He is a supervisor of Ph. D candidates,  Professor of New Century Excellent Talents (NCET-08-0230),  Chutian Scholar Distinguished Professor (2009-2012),  Outstanding Youth Professor of Hubei Province and Top-2 level Distinguished Professor in HUST. He has worked in the field of novel optoelectronic materials and devices for 23 years and got a lot of achievements. Till now, he has been in charge of 6 NSFC programs and attended one “973” program of the "MOST”. He has published 126 peer-reviewed papers as the 1st or the corresponding author. Among the published papers, 60 papers are in the Zone-I of “CAS Rating System” and 48 papers have IF >10. One of the papers is honored as the 1st grade paper of “the 16th science paper prize of Hubei Province”. He has obtained 19 patents (11 Chinese patents, 6 Japanese patents and 2 USA patents). He has trained 3-post doctoral researcher, 21 Ph. D. (including 2 foreign students) and 30 Masters. Among his graduated students, 3 students were promoted as Full Professor and 14 students were promoted as Accociate Professor. 12 students obtained the fame of “National Outstanding Students”, 2 students obtained the fame of “Excellent Graduates” and 1 student obtained the fame of “Excellent Ph. D. Dissertation of Hubei Province”. Now, 11 Ph. D. Candidates and 14 Master students are working and studying in his group under his guidance.


    高义华出生于1969年8月,在16岁时(2年高中)以优秀成绩考入大学,于1998年中科院物理所毕业并取得博士学位,1999年3月赴日本National Institute for Materials Science(NIMS)工作(其中2003年5月-2004年2月,美国西北大学访问学者),2005年1月入职华中科技大学,2006年3月回国全职工作。历任楚天学者特聘教授(2009-2012年),获新世纪优秀人才支持计划(2008年,NCET-08-0230)和湖北省杰出青年教授计划(2007年)支持。现任华中科技大学二级教授、博士生导师和华中学者特聘教授, 物理学院&武汉光电国家研究中心双聘教授,物理学院纳米材料与器件物理团队负责人。高义华教授长期从事新型光电力热材料与器件的研究, 在电能存储、光发射与光力热探测等方面的微纳尺度结构器件研究中取得了一系列突出进展。在全球所有领域的顶尖10万名学者中排名为第45279名<2022年8月31日更新>,网址:http://www.globalauthorid.com/WebPortal/EliteOrder。参与一项973项目,获6项国家自然科学基金的面上项目支持。共发表SCI文章201篇,其中在Nature;Nat. Commun.; Adv. Mater.; Adv. Funct. Mater.; Nano Energy; Nano Lett.; ACS Nano等权威期刊上发表第一作者或通讯作者文章126篇,IF>10文章48篇。1篇学术论文获“湖北省第十六届自然科学优秀学术论文”一等奖。作为团队负责人(共6名老师成员),团队内共培养3名博士后,32名博士和69名硕士。个人名下已培养3名博士后,21名博士和32名硕士。其3名学生已成为正教授,14名学生已成为副教授。10多名学生获“国家奖学金”奖励,1篇博士论文获“湖北省优秀博士论文”荣誉。

Prof. Yihua Gao's most distinguished three works with original creativity:


(1)  He verified the Archimedes’ principle for a solid object floating on a liquid medium with an arbitrary surface area. He  quantitatively conceptualizes the potential field of buoyancy as a conservative force requirement, and confirms its “pseudopotential” character. Moreover, based on the pseudopotential energy concept, he validates the general physical criterion that the total potential energy is minimized in a delicately stable state. This was done by conducting experiments with uniform cubic toy blocks of various densities on a liquid with an arbitrary surface area. Applying the proposed concept of the pseudopotential energy of buoyancy, researchers could design the volume and mass in order to optimize the delicate stability of manmade floating objects (Nano Energy 60,  231 (2019), see the below figure). This work gave the essence of the buoyancy for the Archimedes’ principle [Physics (Chinese TOP Journal) 50(6), 402 (2021)].  

  诠释并发展了具有2200年历史的阿基米德原理(在有限大液面或无限大液面均成立),提出并论证了浮力赝势能和力稳定观点(如下图),对水中漂浮物的重量与体积设计提供重要参考[Nano Energy 60, 231(2019)],为中学物理教科书中阿基米德原理提供本质解释[物理 50(6), 402 (2021)]。

(2)  He discovered the characteristics of greatly changed interlayer distances of MXene under force and made a highly flexible and sensitive piezoresistive sensor based on this characteristics  (Nat. Commun. 8, 1207 (2017), as the above figure). 

  发现了在外力作用下,MXene材料的大的层间距变化(如上图),并用于设计出高灵敏度的压力传感器(Nat. Commun. 8, 1207 (2017))。

(3) On 7 February 2002, Dr. Yihua Gao as the 1st author reported the world's smallest thermometer─carbon nanothermometer in Nature 415, 599.  On Sept. 30, 2005, Dr. Gao received the Tsukuba Prize with Prof. Yoshio Bando and Prof. Dmitri Golberg. (A) Prof. Leo Asaki (江崎玲於奈, Nobel Prize Laureate of Year 1973 in Physics) is awarding Dr. Gao the Prize Certificate. (B) The group photo in News Release Meeting of the Prize: the 1st row, (from left) Prof. Leo Asaki, Prof. D. Golberg, Prof. Y. Bando, Dr. Yihua Gao, and Prof. Hideki Shilakawa (白川英樹, Nobel Prize Laureate of Year 2000 in Chemistry, see the below figures).  This achievement was edited into the USA textbook “Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation” from the 5th edition to now─the 8th edition (Ed. Steven S. Zumdahl, Donald J. DeCoste, USA, Publication: Cengage Learning). 

  在2002年,作为第一作者发表Nature文章1篇[Carbon nanothermometer 碳纳米温度计,Nature 415, 599 (2002)],于2005年9月30日与Prof. Yoshio Bando, Prof. Dmitri Golberg获得第16届日本“Tsukuba Prize(筑波杰出科学家奖, 由1973年物理学诺贝尔奖得主江崎玲於奈和2000化学诺贝尔奖得主白川英树奖)”,此成果还被选入美国中学化学教科书“Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation”(编辑:Steven S. Zumdahl, Donald J. DeCoste 美国,出版社:Cengage Learning),如下系列图。



一,Research overview  研究简介

1.  General description of the involved sub-discipline  所属二级学科介绍

      The “Group of Physics in Nanomaterials & Nanodevices” is a complex one aiming at “frontier & originality” and “applications”. Its research topic is “Studies on New Nanomaterials & Nanodevices in Optoelectronic Field” included in the sub-discipline of “Condensed Matter Physics”.  The group has 7 members: 4 Full Professors, 2 Associate Professors and 1 Engineer). 2 Members are from WNLO and 4 Members are from School of Physics, HUST. Prof. Yihua Gao is a Professor both in WNLO and School of Physics, HUST. It faces three requirements: 

The frontier of the world science and technology: originality;

The needs of the nationality: save energy and resource;

The need of national economy.  

  “纳米材料与器件物理”团队,属物理学院物理学科下的凝聚态物理学科,共有团队成员7名(教授4名,副教授2名,工程师1名,其中2人属于武汉光电国家研究中心, 4人属于物理学院,高义华本人是物理学院与武汉光电国家研究中心的双聘教授)。从事新型纳米光电材料与器件的研究。三个向:

◆ 面向世界科技前沿:原创性;

◆ 面向国家重大战略需求:能源节约和资源节约;

◆ 面向国民经济主战场。


2. Research topics and backgrounds, including research objects and significance


Topics 研究课题:

◆ Sensing: Large negative photoconductivity effect at room temperature & self-powered information sensing;

◆ In-situ transmission electron microscopy study on micromechanisms of energy storage and transformation; 

Study on devices of energy storage and transformation.


◆ 常温巨大负光电导效应研究和自驱动能源的信息传感器研究;

◆ 清洁能源存储器件和能源转换器件的电子显微学原位微机制研究;   

◆ 能源转化与存储器件研究。


  (1) Sensing: 

  Large negative photoconductivity effect at room temperature. Absence of giant negative photoconductivity effect at room temperature limits the applications of photo-detecting and photo-computing. In our study, we will obtain giant negative photoconductivity effect by using 0D-1D-2D composite materials, dig and confirm the micromechanism, and realize logic computation devices by combining the ordinary positive photoconductivity effect.

◆  Self-powered information sensing. Today’s sensors have requirements, such as high sensitivity, self-powered digitization and integration of multifunction of sensor, amplifier, computer and compensator. By controlling bandgap, carriers and outer stimulation on the surface and interfaces of materials, we will realize synergy between several devices in the circuits and self-powering sensing with high sensitivity.

 (2) In-situ transmission electron microscopy study on micromechanisms      

 Devices of energy storage and transformation. Today, in-situ TEM studies on electrode materials of Li/Na ion battery have been progressed well. However, the direct micromechanism for energy storage devices (supercapactor, SC) is absent. So, we hope to give the relation between the charge/discharge progress and the microsctructure of the electrode materials, influence of the microsctructure of electrode materials on the performances of the SCs, and the optimizing choices to obtain electrodes with high performances. 

Energy transforming devices. Today’s understanding of the optoelectronic characteristics is only based on  simulation and speculations, and the micromechanism of charge distribution and transport during device operation is absent. So, we will illuminate the micromechanism for the novel performance of optoelectronic devices, and develop in-situ holography EM study.

(3) Studies on devices of energy storage and transformation

Composite novel white LED. The present GaN film LED is a high efficiency devices, whose bandgap is adjusted by alloyed-doping adjust. However, the UV portion in the light is harmful to eyes and the phosphor packaging decreases efficiency. In our study, by quantitatively adjusting bandgap, red-shifting the UV portion, we will obtain white and visible LED; by controlling the transport of carriers, increasing the density of carriers, decreasing the turn-on voltage, we will realize stable and highly efficient LED.

 Energy storage Devices. Today, it is usually difficult to get an energy storage device with both high energy and power density. We will exploit composite energy storage devices with both high energy and power density based on 2D materials, e.g. graphene and Mxene, and at last put into applications. 












 Till to 2021, the group has got a total funding of 8,500,000 RMB, including 11 NSFC projects, 1 funding in “973” project, 1 NCET project etc. In the future, the group will try to get the key projects of NSFC and MOST. The group can utilize the platform support with a total value over 39,000,000 RMB.



二,The 1st & corresponding SCI Papers 第一作者和通讯作者SCI文章

(一)3 SCI papers with original creativity  原创性SCI文章3

3. B.W. Gao#, L. Li#, Z.C. Lu & Y.H. Gao*. Subtle energy difference determining the delicately stable state of a solid object on a liquid medium with an arbitrary surface area. Nano Energy 60, 231-234 (2019).

2.  Y.N. Ma#, N.S. Liu#, L.Y. Li#, X.K. Hu, Z.G. Zou, J.B. Wang, S.J. Luo & Y.H. Gao*A highly flexible and sensitive piezoresistive sensor based on MXene with greatly changed interlayer distances. Nat. Commun. 8, 1207 (2017).

1. Yihua Gao (Y.H. Gao) & Yoshio Bando (Y. Bando)Carbon nanothermometer containing gallium. Nature 415, 599 (2002).


     (二)影响因子大于20的领域内顶尖杂志文章(中科院一区) 4

4. Q.X. Zhang#, D.D. Lei#, N.S. Liu*, Z.Y. Liu, Z.Q. Ren, J.Y. Yin, P.X. Jia, W.Z. Lu, Y.H. Gao*. A Zinc-Ion Battery-Type Self-Powered Pressure Sensor with Long Service Life. Adv. Mater. 2205369 (2022). 文献号2205369; DOI10.1002/adma.202205369; 在线发表SEP 2022

3. D. D. Lei, N.S. Liu*, T.Y. Su, Q.X. Zhang, L.X. Wang, Z.Q. Ren & Y.H. Gao*. Roles of MXenes in Pressure Sensing: Preparation, Composite Structure Design and Mechanism. Adv. Mater. 2110608 (2022). 文献号2110608; DOI10.1002/adma.202110608; 在线发表JUN 2022

2. L.W. Ding#, N.S. Liu#, L.Y. Li#, X. Wei, X.H. Zhang, J. Su, J.Y. Rao, C.X. Yang, W.Z. Li, J.B. Wang, H.S. Gu Y.H. Gao*. Graphene Skeleton Heat-Coordinated and Nano-Amorphous- Surface-State Controlled Pseudo-Negative-Photoconductivity of Tiny SnO2 Nanoparticles. Adv. Mater. 27 (23), 3525-3532 (2015).

1. N.S. Liu#, W.Z. Ma#, J.Y. Tao, X.H. Zhang, J. Su , L.Y. Li, C.X. Yang, Y.H. Gao*, D. Golberg & Y. Bando. Cable-Type Supercapacitors of Three-Dimensional Cotton Thread Based Multi-Grade Nanostructures for Wearable Energy Storage. Adv. Mater. 25, 4925-4931 (2013).

(三)41 Top SCI papers (IF>10) in research field 领域内顶尖文章(IF>10)41

41. Z.Q. Ren#, H. Zhang#, N.S. Liu*, D.D. Lei, Q.X. Zhang, T.Y. Su, L.X. Wang, J. Su, Y.H. Gao*. Self-powered 2D nanofluidic graphene pressure sensor with Serosa-Mimetic structure. EcoMat. e12299 (2022). DOI: 10.1002/eom2.12299.

40. T.T. Yin, Y.F. Cheng, Y.X. Hou, L. Sun, Y.N. Ma, J. Su, Z. Zhang, N.S. Liu, L.Y. Li, Y.H. Gao*. 3D Porous Structure in MXene/PANI Foam for a High-Performance Flexible Pressure Sensor. Small, 2204806 (2022). DOI: 10.1002/smll.202204806

39. K. Mao, J.J. Shi, Q.X. Zhang, Y.X. Hou, L. Wen, Z.Y. Liu, F. Long, K. Niu, N.S. Liu, F. Long*, Y.H. Gao*. High-capacitance MXene Anode Based on Zn-ion Pre-intercalation Strategy for Degradable Micro Zn-ion Hybrid Supercapacitors. Nano Energy 103, 107791 (2022).

38. Y.B. Chen#, H.N. Jin#, T.T. Yin#, R. Wan, P.F. Ma, L.W. Zhang, Z.Y. Chen, Y.N. Ma, H.X. Li, X.H. Zhang, J. Su, N.S. Liu, Z. Zhang, L.Y. Li, Y.H. Gao*, Y. Bando*. A Large Inverse Photoconductance Based on an Asymmetric Van der Waals Bi-heterostructure. Nano Energy 103, 107770 (2022).

37. P.F. Ma, Y.X. Hou, Y.F. Zheng, J. Su, L.Y. Li, N.S. Liu, Z. Zhang, Y.N. Ma & Y.H. Gao*. Super-Hydrophobic Cs4PbBr6@PDB Composites with Water-Driven Photoluminescence Enhancement and Dehydration Recovery. Chem. Eng. J436, 135077 (2022).

36. Y.F. Zheng, Z. Zhang*, W.F. Liu, Y.H. Wu, X.T. Fu, L.Y. Li, J. Su & Y.H. Gao*. Investigations on the Electrochemical and Mechanical Properties of Sb2O3 Nanobelts by In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy. Small Methods 6, 2101416 (2022).

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五,Main Research Projects 主要科研项目

8. 基于MXene原位衍生负极的H+/Zn2+共摇椅电池的构建与定量微机制研究(No. 12274151), 国家自然科学基金面上项目, 2023.01.01-2026.12.31, 56, 负责。

7. SQDs表面修饰TMDs的巨大负光电导效应研究(No.11874025), 国家自然科学基金面上项目, 2019.01.01-2022.12.31, 64, 负责。

6. Sb、Cu高浓度掺杂ZnO纳米阵列的白光与波长可调可见光LED的定量研究(No.11674113), 国家自然科学基金面上项目,2017.01.01-2020.12.31,70万,负责。

5. 微纳复合结构中金属液体填充物的电致力效应的原位研究(No.11374110),国家自然科学基金面上项目,2014.01.01-2017.12.31,88万,负责。

4. ZnO/NiO 芯壳异质结纳米阵列的构筑和光发射效率研究(No.11074082),国家自然科学基金面上项目,2011.01.01-2013.12.31,45万,负责。

3. 基于纳米结构的新型柔性纤维基可编织光伏器件重要基础问题研究(No.2011CB933300),科技部973项目(纳米专项),2011.01.01-2015.12.31,2200万,排名第10。

2. 一维纳米芯壳结构的光电热器件与机理研究 No.080230教育部新世纪人才基金, 2009.01-2011.12, 50万,负责。

1. 温度梯度场诱导的一维纳米温度计实用化研究(No.10774053), 国家自然科学基金面上项目, 2008.01.01-2010.12.31, 36万, 负责。

六, Papents 专利

19. 高义华;李露颖;沈少立;康喆;章楼文。一种高性能混合型光电探测器的构筑方法及其调控策略(201811370675.X)。 2020.07.10

18. 高义华;杨从星;刘逆霜。基于碎片化结构提升压阻式传感器灵敏度的方法(201810293580.6)2020.02.14  

17. 高义华;马亚楠;刘逆霜。基于MXene/rGO复合三维结构的高灵敏传感器(201810143600.1)2020.01.30

16. 高义华;王思亮;刘逆霜。基于喷墨打印的锡铟铋基合金柔性电极及其制备方法(201610983839.0)2020.02.14

15. 高义华刘逆霜;罗成。一种基于纳米线作隔离层的压阻式传感器及其制备方法(201710593245.3)2019.8.5


13. 高义华;楚亮;凃帆帆;李露颖;苏俊;刘逆霜。锐钛矿 TiO2 纳米树状阵列及其在太阳能电池制备中的应用(201410104151.1, A General Method for Preparing Anatase TiO2 Treelike-Nanoarrays on Various Metal Wires for Fiber Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells) 2017.1.11

12. 高义华;刘逆霜;马文真;李建。Ni纳米线、NiO-Ni自支撑膜及其制备方法和应用 (201310740240.0, Fabrication of Free-Standing Ni@NiO Supercapacitor Electrode)2016.8.31

11. 高义华;张翔晖;韩祥云, 苏俊。一种氧化锌纳米线阵列紫外光电探测器的制备方法(201310499193.5, Fabrication of UV photodetector based on ZnO nanowire arrays)2016.8.31

10. 高义华;傅琰;孙敏。金属In填充MgO纳米管及其制造方法和应用(201110363603.4, Fabrication and application of In filled MgO nanotubes)2013.7.10

9. 高义华;孙敏;苏俊。一种镓填充的二氧化硅纳米管阵列的制备方法及其应用(201110363602.X, Fabrication and application of Ga filled SiO2 nanotube arrays)2013.3.20

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1. Y.Bando;  Y.H. Gao; Z.W.Liu. Absorbing materials of metallic vapor (JP3692403). 2011. 12.4.

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