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Department:School of Physics

Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)

Degree:Doctoral Degree

Discipline:Condensed Matter Physics

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田召明 教授,中共党员。2008华中科技大学物理学院博士毕业,留校任教。2014.03-2017.04年东京大学物性研究所JSPS博士后、东京大学特任研究员,2017.07-2017.08德国莱布尼兹固体材料研究所,客座研究员研究方向为:量子磁性新材料探索和物性、手性磁体的反常霍尔效应、强磁场下量子材料物性。主要工作为:研发了系列稀土自旋阻挫材料,发现了烧绿石铱氧化物强磁场下的绝缘体金属态量子相变,实现螺旋磁体室温的巨大拓扑反常霍尔效应。相关工作发表于 Nat. Phys, Nat. Comm, Phys Rev B/Mater,Inorganic Chem等期刊。

代表性论文:(* 为通信/共同通讯)

1. LM Xu, YM Bai, GS Gong, FY Song, ZH Li, YY Han, LS Ling, and ZM Tian*, Strong anisotropic Hall effect in single-crystalline CeMn2Ge2 with helical spin order, Phys Rev B 5,075108(2022)

2.J Zhao, W Liu , A Rahman , F Meng, L Ling, C Xi, W Tong, Y Bai , ZM Tian , Y Zhong, Y Hu, L Pi, L Zhang,*Y Zhang, Field-induced tricritical phenomenon and magnetic structures in magnetic Weyl semimetal candidate NdAlGe, New J. Phys. 24 (2022) 013010

3.GS Gong*, D Su, Y Sun, LM Xu, JC He, ZM Tian*, High-field magnetization and magnetodielectric effect in a Ni2NbBO6 single crystal, Phys Rev B, 105,054408(2022)

4.JM Ni, YY Huang, EJ Cheng, YJ Yu,BL Pan, Q Li, LM Xu,ZM Tian*,SY Li*,Giant isotropic magneto-thermal conductivity of metalic spin liquid candidate Pr2Ir2O7 with quantum criticality, Nat comm12,307(2021) 

5. M.Ashtar, Y Bai, L. Xu, Z Wan, Z Wei, Y Liu, M. Marwat, ZM Tian *, Structure and magnetic properties of Melilite-type compounds RE2Be2GeO7 (RE=Pr,Nd, Gd-Yb) with Rare-earth ions on Sharstry-sutherland lattice, Inorganic Chem, 60,3634 (2021) 

6. W Liu, J Zhao, F Meng, A Rahman, Y Qin, J Fan, L Pi, ZM Tian *, H Du, L Zhang*, Y Zhang, Critical behavior of the magnetic Weyl semimetal PrAlGe, Phys. Rev B 103214401 (2021)

7. G Gong, L Xu,Y Bai, Y Wang, S Yuan, Y Liu, ZM Tian *, Large topological Hall effect near room temperature in noncollinear ferromagnet LaMn2Ge2 single crystal. Phys. Rev Mater 5, 034405 (2021)

8. K. Y. Zeng, F. Y. Song, Z. M. Tian*, Qiao Chen, Shun Wang, Bo Liu, Shiliang Li, L. S. Ling, W. Tong,Long Ma*, and Li Pi, Local evidence for collective spin excitations in the distorted kagome antiferromagnet Pr3BWO9, Phys. Rev B 104155150, (2021)

9. M Ashtar, JJ Guo, ZT Wan, YQ Wang, GS Gong, Y Liu, YL Su*, ZM Tian *,A new family of disorder-free Rare-Earth-based Kagome lattice magnets: Structure and magnetic characterizations of RE3BWO9 (RE=Pr,Nd,Gd-Ho) Boratotungstates, Inorganic Chem, 59,5368 (2020) 

10. KY Zeng, L Ma*,YX Gao, Z Tian*, LS Ling, L Pi*. NMR study of the spin excitations in the frustrated antiferromagnetic Yb(BaBO3)3 with a triangular lattice, Phys Rev B 102,045149(2020) 

11. YX Gao, ZM Tian*,LM Xu, M Ashtar, ZT Wan, ZC Xia*, F Yang, SL Yuan, A comparative study on magnetic order and field-induced magnetic transition in double perovskite iridates: RE2ZnIrO6 and RE2MgIrO6 (RE=Pr,Nd,Sm,Eu,Gd), J Phys.:Condens Matter, 32, 465802 (2020)

12. LM Xu,GS Gong, CW Zhao, XX Song, SL Yuan, ZM Tian*, Asymmetric magnetization reversal behaviors by exchange coupling between AIAO magnetic Domains and Domain walls in a Eu2Ir2O7 single crystal, J. Phys.Chem.C,124, 22656 (2020)

13. YX Gao, M Ashtar, LM Xu, ZW Ouyang, W Tong, SL Yuan, ZM Tian*,The effect of carrier doping on magnetism and electronic behavior in double perovskite La2ZnIrO6, J Phys.:Condens Matter, 32, 105702 (2020)

14. M.Ashtar, M. A. Marwat, Y.X. Gao, Z.T. Zhang,L. Pi, S.L. Yuan, ZM Tian*, REZnAl11O19(RE=Pr,Nd, Sm-Tb): a new family of ideal 2D triangular lattice frustrated magnets. J Mater Chem C.7,10073(2019)

15. B Meng, H Wu, Y Qiu, CL Wang,Y Liu, ZC Xia, SLYuan, HX Chang*, ZM Tian*,large anomalous Hall effect in ferromagnetic Weyl  semimetal candidate PrAlGe, APL Mater. 051110 (2019)

16. T Ohtsuki, ZM Tian, A Endo, M Halim, S Katsumoto, Y Kohama, K Kindo, M Lippmaa, and S Nakatsuji*, Strain-induced spontaneous Hall effect in an epitaxial thin film of a Luttinger semimetal, PNAS, 116,8803, 2019.

17.   H Liu, W Liu, Y Dai, YX Gao, ZM Tian *,J Y Fang, CJ Zhang, L. Zhang*, YH Zhang, Tricritical phenomenon and H-T phase diagram in a single crystal of the double-perovskite iridate La2ZnIrO6,Phys. Rev. B. 98, 054403 (2018) 

18.   ZM Tian*, LM Xu, YX Gao, SL Yuan. Magnetic memory effect at room temperature in exchange coupled NiFe2O4-NiO nanogranular system, Appl. Phys. Lett, 112, 182406 (2017)

19.   ZM Tian, Y. Kohama, T. Tomita, H. Ishizuka, T. H. Hsieh, J. J. Ishikawa, K. Kindo, L. Balents*, S. Nakatsuji*, Field-induced quantum metal-insulator transition in the pyrochlore iridate Nd2Ir2O7, Nat. Phys (2016) 12, 134

20.    M. Nakayama, T. Kondo*, ZM Tian, J. J. Ishikawa, M. Halim, C. Bareille, T. Tomita, S Nakatsuji. Slater to Mott crossover in the metal to insulator transition of Nd2Ir2O7Phys. Rev. Lett, 117, 056403 (2016)


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