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Supervisor of Master's Candidates



Teacher College:School of Architecture and Urban Planning

School/Department:School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)

Degree:Doctoral Degree in Engineering

Alma Mater:Wuhan University of Technology

Discipline: Urban and Rural Planning

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· Personal Profile

National registered urban and rural planner.Party committee and Union president of school of architecture and planning, Hust.Main research directions: Urban and rural planning and design.Landscape Planning and Design.Municipal Engineering and Disaster Prevention Planning.Urban and rural heritage protection and renewal.He hosted, participated in and completed hundreds of various planning and des...


· Education Experience

1982.9 ~ 1986.6
 Wuhan University of Technology,HUST  -  Urban Planning and Design  -  Bachelor's Degree  -  Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) 
1986.6 ~ 1989.1
 Yunnan Institute of Technology  -  区域与城市规划  -  3  -  Postgraduate (Master's Degree) 
2006.3 ~ 2010.6
 Wuhan University of Technology  -  历史城市与古建筑修复工程  -  2  -  Postgraduate (Doctoral) 

· Work Experience

Wuhan University of Technology  - Department of Urban Planning and Architecture - Teaching assistant, lecturer, associate professor
School of Architecture and Urban Planning in Hust  - Department of Urban Planning - Associate professor, professor

· Social Affiliations

Member of Jincheng Danhe New Town Construction Expert Committee
Member of Academic Committee of Wuhan Real Estate Research Institute
Individual Member of China Association of City Planning
Committee Member of Rural planning and Construction Academic Committee,CACP
Garden Expo Expert Committee,Urban and Rural Planning Inspector , Hubei
Vice chairman of Village Construction Association,Hubei
Standing Director and Expert of Landscape Architecture Society , Hubei
Expert of Real Estate Economics Society, Hubei
Visiting professor of Wuhan Institute of Technology and Henan Urban Construction College.
Expert of Planning committee of Tuanfeng county ,Hubei
Expert of Planning committee of Leiyang  county ,Hunan
Expert of Transportation Investment Group ,Huarong Group and Fengtai Group,Hubei
Expert of Jianghan District Party Committee and District Government Modern Service Industry Think Tank,Wuhan
Reviewers of New Architecture and Other Periodicals

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· Research Group

· Name of Research Group:The Research Center

Description of Research Group:Since the establishment of Research Center of Landscape Culture and Landscape Urban and Rural Planning in Hust,the team members have explored the landscape culture and rural planning and design from the research papers and project practice , and accumulated more sufficient experience. They formed the following ideas:
There are a series of problems in the current rural planning in China. For example, the construction land is extensive, the municipal public services are insufficient, the urban model is copied and the ecological environment pollution.Therefore, rural planners are required to become all-round talents in planning, engineering, landscape, and environmental planning.