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Prof. Yang is the Chief Scientist of the Major Research Program of “Nanomedicine for Liver Cancer” from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Also is the Panel Member of National Key Research and Development Plan "Nano Science & Technology" Key Project. In last 10 years, Professor Yang’s research insterests have focused on nanomedicine including nano drug delivery systems, nanodiagnostics and biomedical nanomaterials.

  1. More than 350 papers have been published in international journals including Nature Biomedical Engineering,Chemical Society Reviews, Accounts of Chemical Research,Nature Communications, Nano Letters, ACS Nano,Advanced Functional Materials,Biomaterials,Small etc. with H-index 53. Selected as the Most Cited Chinese Researchers by Elsevier from 2014 to 2020.

  2. More than 50 Chinese patents, 3 national new drug certificates and 15 national drug registration approvals have been awarded.

  3. Three books on nanomedicine have been published as the editor-in-chief or the subeditor-in-chief.Three Science and Technology Advancement Awards of Hubei Province (one time for 1st class, two times for 2nd class) have been honored.