研究员(自然科学)    Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates    Supervisor of Master's Candidates

  • Professional Title:研究员(自然科学)
  • Gender:Male
  • Status:Employed
  • Department:School of Mechanical Science & Engineering
  • Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)
  • Degree:Doctoral Degree in Engineering


  • Educational experience
  • Award information
  • 2012.8~2018.3

    Stony Brook University  Biomedical Engineering   Postgraduate (Doctoral)

  • 2010.9~2012.6

    Huazhong University of Science and Technology  Other specialties in Optical Engineering   Postgraduate (Master's Degree)

  • 2006.9~2010.6

    Huazhong University of Science and Technology  Other specialties in Optical Engineering   Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree)

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  • Work experience
  • Social work
  • Research direction
  • 2018.3~2023.8

    UC Berkeley  Physics   Postdoc Fellow

  • Committee Member of the Microscopic Instrumentation Branch of China Instrument and Control Society

  • Paper Publications
  • Patents
  • Published Books
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Name of Research Group:
Intelligent Optical Microscopy Group
Description of Research Group:
Welcome to the Intelligent Optical Microscopy Group. Our Optical Microscopy Group is a vibrant and creative group. We value inclusiveness, high efficiency, innovation, ambition, and an ongoing pursuit of excellence. We are committed to solving urgent problems in life science as well as clinical practices. By integrating artificial intelligence, new materials, and MEMS, we develop cutting-edge optical microscopy technologies. Our goal is to push the boundaries of optical imaging technology, striving to create an intelligent, multi-scale, multi-dimensional, high spatiotemporal resolution optical imaging platform to provide a high-level scientific research platform for frontier research such as brain science, and to offer an effective and sensitive approach for the early diagnosis and treatment of major diseases like cancer. We are a young and spirited team that encourages each member to innovate and strive for excellence. Our work serves not only the strategic needs of the nation but also commits to addressing important scientific issues facing humanity. Join us in our journey to shape the future together.