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Targeted Computed Tomography Visualization and Healing of Inflammatory Bowel Disease by Orally Delivered Bacterial-Flagella-Inspired Polydiiododiacetylene Nanofibers

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Journal:ACS Nano

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Page Number:3873–3888

Key Words:polydiiododiacetylene, inflammatory bowel disease, targeted computed tomography imaging, reactive oxygen species, gut microbiota

DOI number:10.1021/acsnano.2c12154

Date of Publication:2023-02-15

Impact Factor:17.1

Abstract:Accurate diagnosis and timely therapeutic intervention of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is essential in preventing the progression of the disease, although it still represents an insurmountable challenge. Here we report the design of bacterial-flagella-inspired polydiiododiacetylene (PIDA) nanofibers and its performance in targeted computed tomography (CT) imaging and on-demand therapeutic intervention of IBD. With a morphology mimicking bacterial flagella, PIDA nanofibers attach on the mucus layer of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract after oral administration, evenly distributing on the GI surface to portray the GI lining under CT scan within 2 h. PIDA can retain for a longer time in the damaged mucosa at the inflamed lesions than in normal GI tissues to enable the targeted CT visualization of IBD. PIDA also scavenges reactive oxygen species and ameliorates gut dysbiosis attributed to its iodine-substituted polydiacetylene structure, so that the enriched PIDA nanofibers at the targeted IBD lesions can alleviate the inflammation while maintaining the gut microbiota homeostasis, thus promoting the rebalance of GI microenvironment and the mucosal healing.

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