Zuogong Yue   

Lecturer (higher education)
Status:Employed Department:School of Artifical Intelligence and Automation Discipline:Control Theory and Engineering

Language: 中文


Zuogong Yue, Assistant Professor at School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation. His major interestes include network inference, system identification, signal processing and machine learning. He focuses on analysis methods and algorithms for sequential data or time series. He also gets involved in several applications to interdisciplinary research.

The ongoing projects:

  • Network Reconstruction/Inference/Identification

    It mainly studies how to use dynamical system theory, system identification, and machine learning to solve network inference from time series. It aims to provide theoretical foundations for networked dynamical system modelling, analysis and control.

  • Large-scale System Identification

    It focuses on using large-scale Bayesian learning for time series modelling. It also includes large-scale sparse learning problems, which play a critical role in methods for network inference.

  • Unsupervised Learning for Sequential Data/Time Series

    Now mainly time-series clustering.

  • And, interdisciplinary applications.

Educational Experience

  • 2007.9-2011.6  

    Zhejiang University       Mechatronics Engineering       Undergraduate       Bachelor's degree

  • 2011.9-2013.10  

    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology       Mechanical Engineering       Postgraduate       MPhil in Engineering

  • 2014.3-2018.3  

    Universite du Luxembourg       System Control and Computation       Postgraduate (Doctoral)       Docteur en Sciences de l'Ingenieur      Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB)

Work Experience

  • 2018.3-2019.3

    Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine      Postdoctoral Research Associate

  • 2019.4-2021.3

    University of New South Wales      School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications      Postdoctoral Fellow