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  • [1] New optical molecule imaging methods and technologies for studying protein function in vivo,2011-01-01-2015-08-01
  • [2] Mechanism and technologies for fast and nanometer-resolutoin optical imaging,2015-01-01-2019-12-01
  • [3] Novel molecule labelling technique and its applications in multi-modality optical imaging of neuronal activities,2005-01-01-2007-12-01
  • [4] Construction of organic two-photon FRET probes and their applications in apoptosis,2010-01-01-2012-12-01
  • [5] Large-area super-resolution localization microscopy for ultrastructural mapping of neural circuitry in multiple brain regions,2014-01-01-2016-12-01
  • [6] Super-resolution microscopy by nanoscale localization of fluorescence emitters,2015-01-01-2019-12-14
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