Zhenli HUANG


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  • [1] 黄振立,桂丹,李路长.Data processing system and method for super-resolution localiation microscopy.
  • [2] 黄振立,商明涛.Multimode fiber combiner for coupling multiwatt lasers.
  • [3] 黄振立,李梦婷,李路长.Real-time single molecule localization method and system with sufficient localization precision.
  • [4] 黄振立,马洪强,李梦婷,曾绍群.Super-resolution localization microscopy method and system for high-speed and continous imaging.
  • [5] 黄振立;骆清铭;马洪强;龙帆;.A fast super-resolution microscopy method and system based on single molecule localization.
  • [6] 曾绍群;吕晓华;骆清铭;黄振立;付玲;.An evanescent wave illuminator using micro/nano fiber.
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