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Research Field

  • We are interested in the development and applications of super-resolution localization microscopy, including mainly:

    1) Algorithms, software and hardware platforms for massive data processing in super-resolution localization microscopy:

    To overcome the challenges of massive data processing (including transfer, store, and analyze) in super-resolution localization microscopy, which are troublesome for classical EMCCD cameras and are thought to bring great growing pains for better-performing sCMOS cameras, we are working to develop efficient data processing algorithms, user-friendly software and hybrid-computing platforms.

    2) Selection and optimal use of low-light cameras for super-resolution localization microscopy:

    The selection and optimal use of low-light cameras is important but also confusing in super-resolution localization microscopy. We are currently working with several camera manufactures to evaluate and understand the imaging performance of low-light cameras, and try to offer a guide to the selection and optimal use of low-light cameras for single molecule imaging and super-resolution localization microscopy.

    3) Enhancing the power and versatility of super-resolution localization microscopy:

    We are working to enhance the power and versatility of the technique: super-resolution localization microscopy with large field-of-view, super-resolution localization microscopy for tracing and visualizing neuronal circuits at single synapse resolution, super-resolution localization microscopy for blood analysis. We are also working with chemists to develop new super-resolution probes, and biologists to study fundamental questions in life sciences.

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